We welcome you to the NewHavenMC webstore! Our aim is to be a haven for those players who love and have a passion for Minecraft. The IP to join the server is play.mcnewhaven.com

New Haven was built from a player's perspective, seeing all the things that a server could have had and bringing those things to New Haven.

While many servers have the core aspects for Towny, here's the foundation for what we wanted New Haven to be;

* A massive medieval themed spawn 

* Interactive NPC’s. 

* Quests with a storyline 

* Free crates

* Shops (NPC & Player) 

* McMMO & Jobs

* Towny

But these are just core aspects. The little things are the most important. You’ll find these out as you progress through the quests, ranks and general gameplay!

Towny & Resource are 2 separate worlds for you to make use of. Towny, you can build, explore, and farm. Resource you can use for everything else, such as gathering materials and mining. Be sure to use /jobs browse before you begin your journey!

The aim of New Haven is that you have options in what you want to do. The foundation is there but it will be the community that decides where the server is headed! Feedback is the most important thing for us to make something better!

We hope you enjoy your time with us & have fun!

Join the server at play.mcnewhaven.com and join our community on discord 89de6c85ad4c5a1f079e5b587e9bd06741b7c4e1.png or twitter: https://twitter.com/NewHaven_MC

We look forward to seeing you!